Wide Range of Services

Personalized Care

Dr. Dilip Hospital knows what exceptional service truly means. Through personalized guidance and immense support, our team of licensed professionals are here to ensure that all your health related needs are met. We provide patients with all the tools they need to walk out happier and more satisfied than ever before.


Getting You Answers

  • Well Baby Visit

  • Newborn Illness Consultations

  • Newborn Vaccinations – All Routine and Optional vaccines

  • “Caring Newborn” - Workshop for parents

  • Newborn Screening programs


A High Standard of Care

  • Well Child Visit

  • Child Illness Consultation

  • Vaccinations – Routine, Overdue/Missed vaccines.

  • Diet and Appetite Improvement Program

  • Counseling Sessions – Behavior Problems, Poor school Performance and others.

  • Speech therapy


Health Matters

  • Growth and Development Visit

  • Teenage Illness Consultation

  • Vaccinations – Routine, Overdue/Missed vaccines.

  • Diet for Teenagers

  • Counseling Sessions –Managing teenagers


A High Standard of Care

  • Highest Quality Vaccines Used

  • No Storage of Vaccines

  • Only Single Dose Vaccines used

  • Follow IAP Vaccination Schedule

  • Free Growth & Development Assessment on vaccination day

  • All Latest vaccines available

  • Routine and overdue/missed Vaccination facility

  • Adult Vaccinations


Health Matters

  • Newborn Care Package

  • Unlimited Health Package

  • Regular Health Package

Adolescent Medicine

Getting You Answers

We offer state-of-the-art technology that will help lead you down the path to good health. With our Adolescent Medicine, our medical staff is devoted to your care and comfort, and we provide you with information every step of the way. If you have any questions about our Adolescent Medicine, or any of our services, please get in touch today.


A High Standard of Care

  • Asthma Control Program

  • Constipation Control Program

  • Obesity Control Program

  • Weight and Height Improvement Program


Health Matters

  • Nebulisation

  • Dressing


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